• Vital Cubes 25kg bag

Vital Cubes

Higher starch racing cube with additional supplements, specifically for horses in training

High starch racing diet recommended for horses in full training

Key Features

  • QLC antioxidants to support antioxidant capacity and recovery
  • Immune Support from natural plant derived materials aiding response to immune challenges
  • Hoof Support with effective levels of biotin
  • Chelated minerals to improve mineral absorption and activity within the body
  • Actisaf Yeast for hindgut pH stability and fibre fermentation
Feeding guidelines: 

Feed 1.2-1.5kg/100kg bodyweight per day in conjunction with free access to forage. Do not exceed 1.5kg/100kg bodyweight per day in total. Divide into at least 2-3 meals per day. Ensure a minimum intake of 1.5kg/100kg bodyweight of forage per day.

Fresh drinking water must be available at all times.

Nutritional Analysis: 
Crude Protein 14.0%
Crude Fibre 7.5%
Crude Oils & Fats


Crude Ash 7.5%
Sodium 0.39%
Starch 31.0%
Lysine 7.3g/kg
Methionine 2.3g/kg

Oats, Rice bran, Maize, Wheat, Wheatfeed, Dehulled soya bean meal*, Extracted sunflower, Oatfeed, Distiller's wheat grains, Cane molasses, Calcium carbonate, Rapeseed oil, Sodium chloride, Fructose oligosaccharides, Potassium chloride, Sodium bicarbonate, Magnesium oxide, Mixture of: Blackcurrant, Kale, Spinach, Beetroot, Rosemary, Rosehip and Pomegranate (0.03%)     * Genetically modified