Cushcare Supplement

Ideal for older horses and ponies, plus those who are overweight, good doers or prone to laminitis.

CushCare Supplement is an innovative product designed to help nutritionally support the hormonal and metabolic systems. The supplement contains all the beneficial ingredients of our hugely successful CushCare Condition, without the calories.

  • Low calorie, less than 5% total starch + sugar.
  • Uses a novel low calorie fibre from pea haulm - cereal free formulation.
  • Contains our patented natural antioxidant complex, QLC – nine times more effective than vitamin E alone.
  • Contains chaste tree berries to support normal hormone regulation.
  • Added cinnamon for nutritional support of insulin function.
  • Glucosamine and Mobility herbs to support musculo-skeletal health.
  • Probiotic live Actisaf yeast for digestive support.
  • Carnitine to help the body use and metabolise fat.

The results of our 30 day feeding trial speak for themselves

  • 100% of horses maintained a healthy bodyweight, or lost weight if they needed to.  
  • Over 50% of owners on the trial reported that their horse’s coat had improved and that their horse’s appetite was better.  
  • 60% of owners felt that their horse’s temperament and quality of life had improved while on the trial.  
Feeding guidelines: 

Introduce the product gradually over a period of 5-7 days. This feed should be fed with grass or forage as a daily supplement. The suggested intake is 20g/100kg bodyweight per day. Do not exceed 40g/100kg bodyweight per day.

Ensure a minimum intake of 1.5kg/100kg bodyweight of forage per day. Fresh drinking water must be available at all times. Feed only to horses.

Nutritional Analysis: 
Sodium % 0.1
Crude Protein % 5.5
Crude Oils and Fats % 2.0
Crude Fibre % 24.0
Crude Ash % 12.5

Pea Haulm, Cinnamon, Chaste Tree Berries, Glucosamine, Dandelion Leaves, Nettle, Celery Seed, Burdock Root, Olive Extract, Oregano, Pomegranate, Rosemary, Blackcurrant, Rosehip, Spinach, Carrot, Beetroot